Monday, 28 May 2012

simplicity,stillness and satisfaction

I was fortunate ,thanks to the internet, to hear a short talk given by a lovely friend of mine Murray Watts on the subject of "hope". He tells the story of his sheepdog Tiffy who he takes for walks on the beach . Tiffy , Murray recounts, charges along the beach , sees the waves, says to herself "what is that ?" and proceeds to herd the waves and play in the sea full of joy and wonder. The next morning when they go for a walk Tiffy sees the waves , says to herself "what is that ?" and ...well away she goes..
Since retiring from bookselling (I do not like the word "retire") so since having a change of lifestyle the most frequently asked questions are " have you been on holiday ?" to which our answer is "we are on holiday for the rest of our lives" and "what are you doing with yourselves" to which we mainly answer "living."
The point being that , as Murray points out , the world is full of cynicism and we are surrounded by bad news but we can seek another path within the world .
I am looking for that path. Most days we will walk the hills and dales and , like Tiffy , we say "what is that" and charge off to have a look!
A line from an old hymn goes "One day at a time sweet Jesus" . Sentimental ? yes but charged with a simple important truth? YES . Try not to miss this moment .
Would it not be wonderful if we could start a revolution of simplicity and satisfaction found in the joy of living that could turn the world upside down?

It would be fun trying....

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