Saturday, 5 May 2012

damn you Basquiat

Had a couple of frustrating days where nothing was happening no spark, no nothing ...Over a coffee I was browsing "DON'T PANIC art in the punk years" and found my self reflecting on a painting by Jean Michel Basquiat. I loved the biopic and love much of his work and meditating on this picture I became aware that I should be looking at the Moor with different eyes or ,as my good friend Ray might say, a different head .
We took wander on Stanton on another grey day .Again two major themes filter into my mind.
1) whenever you walk there the landscape seems seeped in magic. The birch trees ,the soft bright green   mosses, the mysterious paths and the sense of presence in the stillness.
2) the sky and the clouds. Vast skies, low horizons a sense overlooking the landscape. It's the sky though. Whatever the weather or the season the sky is overwhelming!
Much to digest.

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