Monday, 21 May 2012

Mr Blue Sky

I just love the sky. The relationship between the horizon and the sky at the point where they appear to touch seems to generate energy. One thing about Stanton Moor is the sheer vastness of the sky.In winter the sky goes on for ever ,on a dank cloudy day layers of grey hang as drapes blocking out the sun .On a windy day huge clouds bubble up  their edges whipped into shapes moment by moment as they skid across your view. Wandering daily over hill and dale I took to musing on how to express "the sky" in paintings. I take many photos as inspiration( a sign of the times I guess the old school painters set up shop on site). I can reference these images while at home.
The big question for me is how do I depict the "sense " of the sky? I reworked one sky/horizon 5 or 6 times ending with utter frustration . Ask the question!
Why are you copying natures beauty? Hundreds of painters have mastered "the sky". There are videos tutoring "how to paint a cloud" on You Tube.
I long to feel the sky, float away on the breeze, see with another eye....
The sky is hardly ever really blue is it!!

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