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 Keith How                                                                           
The Stanton Moor Project.
Paintings by Keith How
I am fascinated by huge skies , moorlands , ancient places and earth mysteries . All these ingredients seem to meet on Stanton Moor. It seemed only natural to find my creative side inspired by regular visits to the Moor. Whatever the weather conditions or season the sense of mystery in the leafy birch glades or the majesty of the vast open skies never fail to amaze.
My work tends to reflect the artists who I admire -The St Ives School, Turner, Kurt Jackson .The idea of classical impressionist landscape seems often to collide with my love of Pop Art, and Modern Abstraction hence a kind of “culture clash” which has interesting results. I am trying to explore the relationship between Earth and Sky , dawn and twilight, the spaces between two worlds and the unseen interconnecting webs that enfold us.
I am an untrained artist ,which is a blessing and a curse, my grandfather was a landscape artist and photographer in Edinburgh ,my mother trained as a designer and also painted and had success as a writer and this Exhibition is dedicated to her.
I have been fortunate to exhibit in London , Sheffield and Finland and I am excited to have the opportunity to show this work for B.A.F. 2012.
The Exhibition runs from June 29 -July 9 2012 at “H”s Wine Bar and Bistro , Water Lane Bakewell and is part of Bakewell Arts Festival 2012.
The Exhibition is dedicated to my mother Louie W. How
Thankyou :  Sue How                                                                                                            Janette Hockley Webster, B.A.F. , Helen and staff at “H”s
                   All my friends for constant encouragement.

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