Sunday, 8 July 2012

The End

In the words of The Doors "This is the End". Today we took down the exhibition, Thank you to Helen and her Staff at the Bistro. You were always helpful and nothing was too much trouble . Janette Hockley-Webster and B.A.F. for inviting me to exhibit and supporting my vision for The Stanton Moor Project and providing the venue and making the Opening Night a massive success. The exhibition has had wonderful attendance and over half of the 30 pieces have been acquired !

They said:
"The exhibition is the thoughts, dreams and fears of a man who loves the nature that surrounds him, soaks it and lets those feelings transfer from hand to canvas. The sometimes stark sights always have a small twinkle in the eye, a small, almost undetectable smirk that renders all paintings the snapshots of a lucid dream. May he paint some more"
(sloucher mag)

"his own twilight zone" 

"put a red dot on that one please" x17

Thanks again! 

"too close to heaven" 

Please join me back at 

Thats my "LOW HORIZONS" home.
much love . K

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