Friday, 8 June 2012


Since yesterday's walk I have been in a strange restrained state , a kind of internal stasis, unable to move . I have been considering the strange conflict that exists between my love of nature and the landscape and the collision with my passion for modern art, minimalism and abstraction.
Working on the Project I have a constant tussle between capturing the tree, hill, sky and the intrinsic beauty before me and the unsettling emotion that whispers "but" in my ear.
I know that the land holds messages for us and that the standing stones and ley lines are seeped in energy and vibrations that we cannot see but sometimes sense . The ancients aligned the sacred sites in harmony with the planets, the seasons , the sun and moon. Were they receiving and sending messages ?
Browsing through Derek Jarman's "Modern Nature" he recounts writing his journal while gazing on Dungeness Beach .He was listening to Brian Eno's "Music for Film"an album I play regularly.
Checking out my Eno box set I was heartened by something written by Daniel Lanois when asked about inspiration.
"the railway tracks ,the hydro lines, the paths that cut through the forest to accommodate power cables. You'll be in the wilderness when suddenly you come across this open space". He goes on "taking a boat on a calm lake with factory smokestacks blasting out in the distance.....industrial, but people images'.
Almost like Stanton Moor. I realised that I had forgotton the mast that reaches into the sky sending and receiving messages along side the standing stones .Ancient and Modern side by side filling our air with unseen power lines of energy and vibration.
Brian Eno writes "Seeing the night-time campfires of Saharan Nomads from high above the earth. looking back to a little blue planet drifting alone in space, looking out into the endless darkness beyond.
The WEBS stretch out in all directions connecting unknown to unknown".

That helps me make a connection and calms the conflict.

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