Saturday, 28 April 2012

April Fades.....

It is late evening ,I have been tending to a couple of watercolours for most of the day .A typical April wind whips across the sky and around our heads as we step out of the door .The sky is clear. After two weeks of rain and heavy showers you can see forever. Ambling along with the wind pushing us forward  the sky ahead  is amazing .Pink and yellow, an amazing light blue in front , grey and blue behind.

 Changing moment by moment clouds scud past morphing shapes and colour as they rush from North to South .A half moon hangs high and is blue but will presently revert to milky white. Along the lane trees are black skeletons etched against the sky , on the horizon every trunk and branch are detailed .Very beautiful and moving .Dusk closes in and we turn from home .Magic crackles in the air .
Then, to our joy, by our shoulders on the other side of the hedge a Barn Owl steals by in search of supper. Quiet as a ghost glowing silver and white the owl floats by totally unconcerned with us and our world of money grabbing bankers , lying and deceitful politicians, murders and fear mongering journalists. A sobering and magical moment . Hand in hand we are thrilled beyond belief.
Rivendell awaits with the promise of tea and cheese scones.

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