Sunday, 8 July 2012

The End

In the words of The Doors "This is the End". Today we took down the exhibition, Thank you to Helen and her Staff at the Bistro. You were always helpful and nothing was too much trouble . Janette Hockley-Webster and B.A.F. for inviting me to exhibit and supporting my vision for The Stanton Moor Project and providing the venue and making the Opening Night a massive success. The exhibition has had wonderful attendance and over half of the 30 pieces have been acquired !

They said:
"The exhibition is the thoughts, dreams and fears of a man who loves the nature that surrounds him, soaks it and lets those feelings transfer from hand to canvas. The sometimes stark sights always have a small twinkle in the eye, a small, almost undetectable smirk that renders all paintings the snapshots of a lucid dream. May he paint some more"
(sloucher mag)

"his own twilight zone" 

"put a red dot on that one please" x17

Thanks again! 

"too close to heaven" 

Please join me back at 

Thats my "LOW HORIZONS" home.
much love . K

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monday, 2 July 2012


I awake . Thunder fading among the low cloud and mist rain hurtling from the leaden sky . Its is warm .Our feline companion Roxanne nuzzles me  wanting her breakfast. Sitting up I wonder as the storm rages outside that another storm rages in our world. The system is being exposed .Fraudulent Bankers , lying and cheating politicians , overpaid sportsmen , everywhere is dishonesty.

Well, I dreamed I saw the silver 
Space ships flying 
In the yellow haze of the sun, 
There were children crying 
And colors flying 
All around the chosen ones. 
All in a dream, all in a dream 
The loading had begun. 
They were flying Mother Nature's 
Silver seed to a new home in the sun. 
Flying Mother Nature's 
Silver seed to a new home.

Over coffee I listen to Patti Smith's new record "BANGA" and read her liner notes. She is an artist, poet, musician and truly wonderful. She is 65 full of grace and peace and still an inspiration. When Jim Morrison wailed "Wake Up" he was crying out for us to come alive. When Patti Smith whispers "Wake Up" it is a gentle request that stirs the soul. Wake up ? I am awake ..or am I- are you?

Dwell on the fringes. Don't buy into the system observe it. Make your own art. Keep it simple.
In the world- not of it.

HOPE.                                          HOPE                  HOPE                                    HOPE

                                                                                                                                                              The following picture does not feature in The Stanton Moor Project but it's a little how I feel today.



 Keith How                                                                           
The Stanton Moor Project.
Paintings by Keith How
I am fascinated by huge skies , moorlands , ancient places and earth mysteries . All these ingredients seem to meet on Stanton Moor. It seemed only natural to find my creative side inspired by regular visits to the Moor. Whatever the weather conditions or season the sense of mystery in the leafy birch glades or the majesty of the vast open skies never fail to amaze.
My work tends to reflect the artists who I admire -The St Ives School, Turner, Kurt Jackson .The idea of classical impressionist landscape seems often to collide with my love of Pop Art, and Modern Abstraction hence a kind of “culture clash” which has interesting results. I am trying to explore the relationship between Earth and Sky , dawn and twilight, the spaces between two worlds and the unseen interconnecting webs that enfold us.
I am an untrained artist ,which is a blessing and a curse, my grandfather was a landscape artist and photographer in Edinburgh ,my mother trained as a designer and also painted and had success as a writer and this Exhibition is dedicated to her.
I have been fortunate to exhibit in London , Sheffield and Finland and I am excited to have the opportunity to show this work for B.A.F. 2012.
The Exhibition runs from June 29 -July 9 2012 at “H”s Wine Bar and Bistro , Water Lane Bakewell and is part of Bakewell Arts Festival 2012.
The Exhibition is dedicated to my mother Louie W. How
Thankyou :  Sue How                                                                                                            Janette Hockley Webster, B.A.F. , Helen and staff at “H”s
                   All my friends for constant encouragement.


 “The Stanton Moor Project”  notes. 
In Search of Natural Harmony” (1)
                                                                                                                                       Landscape and music / music and landscape .Two themes that blend together to inspire a sense of place , mystery ,  emotion  and spirituality in art. For me these themes are vital.
The Stanton Moor Project has been germinating in my “womb” for many months. Wandering among the ancient stones and pathways under vast endless skies, meditating among the silver birch trees and ancient oaks ,whatever the season or time of day the landscape is truly magnificent and stirs the ancient within. The Oak Tree watches over “The Nine Ladies “ and is often festooned with colorful tokens, gifts and offerings “ The One Who Bears Gifts” (2).
Approaching the task of giving a voice to the place was exciting. “ Winter’s Bone” ( 45 ) , “Ancient Ways” and “ 3 More..” (12 & 13) use found materials from the moor sand, crushed heather branches, bark and dry leaves as does “ Summoning the Storm” (5  ) . The Corkstone standing as an ancient guardian watching over the moor . “Corkstone Blues”  ( 26 ) and “ Crowstone” (  22 ) follow the same theme. The seasons bring changes “ Fog on the Barrow Downs” (  26 ) is inspired by  “The Fellowship of the Ring” by Tolkien and is a track title from the l/p “The Lord of the Rings” by Bo Hansson and has the sense of the quiet Autumn days that are waiting for winter’s cloak to arrive . “Veedon Fleece” (  20) the title of a Van Morrison composition as is “Haunts of Ancient Peace” (11) follow similar themes.”Northern Sky” by Nick Drake inspired this fantasy sunset (9)
“There’s a Feeling I get When I look to the West” ( 14) is a line from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” .Standing on Stanton Moor as the sun sets in the West  is a breathtaking experience. 
Pathways seem to appear from nowhere among the birch trees and exploring them is always special “ Not All Those Who Wander are Lost”(  6  ) . “The Nine Ladies “ are famous but not the only ring of stones on Stanton.(15)
The Solstice and Full Moon times are filled with a sense of magic .The Trees are alive with magic and mystery fills the air.” “Moondance” (18 ) Spirits dance among the stones and branches “The Glade” ( 19   ) refers to a track “A Glade Somewhere” by Forest and these themes continue in “ A Pagan Place” (  15 ). “ The Stars that Play with Laughing Sam’s Dice “ is a vision of the “times between times” (8)when our world interacts with the celtic twilight .”Dancing with the Moonlight Night” (17) reflects the magic of a full moon over Stanton.
The ambient works of Brian Eno help bring a stillness to the creative process .
I was considering  the thinking that the ancient stones and energy lines aligned with the planets ,sunrise and sunset send unseen messages into the air and cosmos. I realized  that we do the same via the communications mast near by interconnected webs in the air unseen all around us . “Webs” ( 3 ).
Attempting to portray the beauty and wonder of this wonderful place has left me in no doubt that we are all connected and part of something bigger than ourselves.
Something to consider !
Please note:
  • all frames used in the exhibition are re-cycled (this reduces costs !!.)
* the “found materials” used all originate on Stanton Moor.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


The first mistake of art is to assume that it’s serious.
Lester Bangs


Sadly I was unable to get this piece upstairs in H's . I thought you might like to see it. Dimensions are 4' wide and 5' tall mixed media on chip board . Any serious offer considered if you have a nice big space somewhere .